Don Bosco School, Guntupalli


Guidelines to the Parents

  • The parents have a great role to play in the education and personality development of their children.
  • Parents are requested to ensure that their children have regular study habits.
  • They should help in developing soft skills, good communication skills, grooming a good body language, positive attitude, high moral values and social responsibility.
  • Parents need to encourage their children to improve English language skills to prepare themselves to be global citizens.
  •  The parents are expected to do their part in enforcing regularity and development of their children.
  •  They should provide the children with a well-planned home time table for their studies.
  • They should check all the Note Books and Diaries of children periodically (at least once a week), and make sure that the written work in all the subjects is up to date. They should initial the remarks / suggestions in the Diary as a sign of acknowledgement.
  • They should visit the school at least once during each term and meet the Principal and the teachers of their wards to know about the progress of their children.
  • They should avoid applying for leave for their children for reasons that do not warrant them. No student will be allowed to go home after the attendance unless requested by the parent in person. However, they are advised to retain their children at home in case of illness, particularly if contagious.
  • They should always encourage their children to participate in as many co-curricular activities as possible to bring out the full potentialities of their children and to build up self-confidence and self esteem in them.
  • They should avoid criticizing the teachers of the school in the presence of the children, lest they lose respect for their school and teachers.
  • They should bring any complaint or suggestions they may have to the Principal and not to the teachers directly.
  • Parents are encouraged to have their children undergo medical examination regularly for general well being, especially dental, eye and ear care.
  • Parents are expected to give adequate time to their children and help them in their studies; provide them with a quiet place to study; insist on a home work time free from distraction; check with teachers when assignment or other instructions are not clear; encourage their children to do their best so far as accuracy
    and neatness are concerned; encourage them to read books at home and to collect material which will help them in their education.
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