Don Bosco School, Guntupalli


Message By The President

My dear Parents, Students and Staff,

We are beginning a new academic year. Let’s begin it with new energy and enthusiasm. The world has experienced unprecedented suffering and huge challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We have been affected by it like never before. The most affected ones are our children. While Covid has taken us back by almost 10 years economically, it has taken us back at least by one year in the field of education.

Series of lockdowns, online and offline classes have affected our educational system and especially our children in terms of their physical, emotional, social, spiritual and psychological growth. This present scenario calls for a concerted effort on the part of management, parents, staff and students together. Let’s work together and walk hand in hand to give our best to our children, the future of our nation.

We are happy that we are part of Don Bosco, an international organization which has kept the young at the center of its mission. We are working in 132 countries, running 3643 schools, 526 colleges, 826 technical institutes, 46 agricultural institutes and various other social reach-out programs. Don Bosco works all over the world with the single aim of making the young good, honest and responsible citizens. We have the experience of educating and training the young minds of our world for more than 150 years. Here at Don Bosco we believe in holistic education that caters to the physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual needs of the young.

As we begin the new academic year 2022-23, I wish you all God’s choicest blessing and a rich and happy learning experience at Don Bosco.


Yours in Don Bosco,

Fr. Thomas Santiagu Sdb

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